Julie DeardenJulie Dearden is the Senior Research and Development Fellow in English Medium Instruction (EMI) at Oxford University Department of Education. Julie manages EMI Oxford, a centre for research and development in EMI which conducts research and develops and teaches professional development programmes for teachers and university lecturers around the world.

Julie is interested in the global shift from English being taught as a ‘foreign’ language to English being used as a medium of instruction for other academic subjects and in how English teachers and EMI professors might support each other. She was recently principal researcher on a research study of collaboration between Preparatory Year teachers and EMI professors in Turkey and is author of the Oxford University Press report EMI in Turkish Universities. Julie is the author of English as a Medium of Instruction: a Growing Global Phenomenon (2015) which is a scoping study of EMI in 55 countries and an overview of the main issues involved in EMI.